Quinoa, Prawn, Blueberry & Mango Salad

Enjoy a colourful & healthy meal with quinoa , prawns and fresh fruit

If you’re looking for something a little different in regards to a salad, this very easy recipe uses quinoa, prawns and fresh fruit. It’s complemented by a zingy basil & lemon dressing & is really tasty.

I’ve only started using quinoa in the past year or so. It’s a gluten free superfood containing all sorts of vitamins & minerals, with high levels of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and zinc.

I like this recipe as you can throw in all sorts of things depending on your tastes. I like to toss through a little feta & my hubby likes to add a few tomatoes on the side. If you don’t eat seafood, you can substitute chicken or make it purely vegetarian.

I’ve put step by step instructions in a post I had published on Weekend Notes a while ago which details all the ingredients. Give it a go – it’s definitely easypeasy & makes a refreshing change from the normal salad fare. Enjoy!



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