Cranberry, Coconut and Cacao Truffles

I’ve been reading about the wonders of cacao as opposed to normal cocoa and chocolate. Full of antioxidants and rich in magnesium, it’s easily available in supermarkets and health food stores, so I bought a packet and had a search for a simple recipe to satisfy my sweet tooth without feeling too guilty afterwards.

These delicious Cranberry, Coconut and Cacao Truffles are held together with coconut oil, a healthier alternative to butter. These yummy little truffles are also gluten and dairy free and as they are quite rich, you can satisfy that sweet craving after just a couple. The little kick of ground cardomon gives them just that something extra.

Delicious and healthy truffles
Delicious and healthy truffles

It’s just a matter of putting everything in your food processor, blitzing and rolling into balls, then rolling in coconut, cacao or ground nuts. I’ve put step by step instructions here with pictures, so make yourself a little healthy treat this weekend. Enjoy!


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