Bedroom Makeover

I was a little slack on the blog-front late last year and the pics below will explain why.

When we bought our house a few years ago, one of the bedrooms was painted two different shades of blue – actually it was quite revolting. The paint job was a very poor one and the room was dark and depressing. There was also a large splotch of something like white paint on the wooden floor. So last August, in a burst of enthusiasm I said to my hubby – “lets paint the bedroom. It shouldn’t take that long with both of us doing it”. Hahaha – famous last words.

For anyone wanting to give a bedroom a new lease of life, it isn’t difficult – remember if I can do it then anyone can. It can be time consuming, especially if you are also working a full time job but the results are worth it. Here are the steps we took after clearing out the room and taking anything off the wall like shelves and display units.

First, I went around the room with some filler as there were holes and marks all over the place. I hate holes etc. in my walls so I tend to get a little pedantic when it comes to filling and sanding. You’ll be pleased with the result if you take the extra bit of time to do this. Once this had dried, the room was given a light sand with a sander to smooth everything down and washed down with some sugar soap to remove any dirt and dust residue.

One product hubby found at the local hardware store was a masking tape that is like Washi tape – it’s coloured and really easy to put on and take off. I’ve always found that the normal type of masking tape gets stuck and rips – especially if it is left on for a few days. This product was a little more expensive but boy it really made things quicker and easier. So unless you’re a very accurate painter, you’ll want to mask around the edges of windows and skirting boards to avoid getting paint on them.

Masking tape 1 edited
Masking tape – this Washi-type tape was a great improvement to using normal masking tape.

We ended up painting the room in a more neutral colour which we could brighten up with bedding and wall pictures.

Bedroom-finished 2 edited
We brightened up the room with a new bedcover/doona cover from Home Republic and added some watercolour pics on the wall. Macy my kitty decided to join in for this photo.
Bedroom-finished 3 edited
The neutral coloured walls leave room for you to add your own bursts of colour with bed linen and wall art.

I really wanted to show you the wall pictures in a little more detail. An Alaskan cruise back in 2010 took us to Ketchikan – a beautiful little town. We came across a shop selling some watercolours by a local artist named Kana Yamasaki – they were of the native wildlife of the area. I just loved the colours so had two of them framed and put on the wall.

Painting 1 edited
A beautiful bald eagle watercolour painted by Kana Yamasaki.

This bedroom is a spare for guests so I haven’t decorated with anything else too much except for the cane lounge shown in my patchwork quilt post. So it looks spacious and clean for anyone wanting to visit.

I haven’t gone into the issues with sanding the floor and painting the small balcony off the room (still haven’t quite finished that part)  – they were issues a little out of the ordinary for the average room painting but that was what probably ended up taking most of the extra time (months) which resulted in me calling this one “the room from hell”. I’m sure there will also be professional painters out there who have their own way of doing things when it comes to painting but this is what worked for us and the results we think were worth it.

So if you have a room that is in need of a pick me up, a coat of paint, new linen and some wall art can make everything seem new and fresh again.



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