Zucchini Brownies

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Morning tea, afternoon tea or just for a snack any time of the day, these zucchini brownies are quick and easy to make.

Who doesn’t love brownies – right? But unfortunately they don’t always love our waistline and you may feel like you have to limit yourself to just one (hmmm – something I find difficult to do). How about if I gave you a healthier version that was still moist and delicious and could trick even the fussiest of kids to eat some veggies & fruit. Better still, for any vegans out there, you’ll see in the recipe there is no dairy.

The main ingredients for these zucchini brownies are grated zucchini, banana and apple. I’ve used cacao powder instead of cocoa but either is fine. I also decreased the amount of sugar from the original recipe as I found them sweet enough for me.

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Main ingredients for zucchini brownies. Zucchini, banana, apple, flour, sugar, cacao and walnuts. You’ll also need some baking soda and vanilla extract.

These brownies are more of a moist cake type rather than the fudgy chocolate sort, however I can assure you they are delicious. For my second batch, I put in a little hazelnut liqueur (as I couldn’t find the rum), folded through some chocolate bits and sprinkled the top with coconut, so go ahead and experiment with the flavours. The mixture for the second batch was a little more moist than the first however I left them in the oven for a little longer and they still turned out perfect.

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Zucchini Brownies – a healthier alternative to traditional brownies but still delicious.

The one tip I didn’t mention in the main recipe was that once the zucchini was grated, squeeze out as much of the moisture as possible (I found there was quite a bit) otherwise the mixture will be too wet. Apart from that, this one is easypeasy to make. Check out my step by step recipe and instructions here. If you try any other flavours or additions to these, I’d love to hear your suggestions. Enjoy.





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